GOP vs Big Tech – Crimes Against Party Won’t Go Unanswered

GOP Sues Google for Spamming Campaign Emails

GOP Sues Google for Spamming Campaign Emails

( – On October 21, the Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit against Google in an Eastern California district court. The group claims the tech giant is purposely filtering its political emails to the public and redirecting them to spam — rendering them useless. The RNC claims Google is doing this because of the Right’s “political views and affiliation,” and it’s affecting the committee’s ability to fundraise and build a community of like-minded individuals who may vote.

Google denies the allegations, saying there is no “political bias in its spam filter.” In fact, it’s in the process of piloting a program to send such messages directly to the “Primary” tab on people’s inboxes. If the recipients don’t want any further emails from a particular sender, they will have to open the message and click a button to unsubscribe. Participants from both parties are trying out the new program.

Unfortunately for the RNC, the initiative is not yet widespread practice, and this is an important time to rally support for political candidates. With the November elections right around the corner, it seems critical to reach an audience and motivate voters to monetarily support the party. Google’s stance is it doesn’t want people inundated with unwanted emails flooding their inboxes unchecked.

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