GOP Rep Says Cartels Are Controlling Southern Border

Representative Anthony D’Esposito Reveals Cartel’s Tactics

( – Republicans have been talking about the different ways that cartels are getting illegal migrants and drugs across the border for a long time. Now, Representative Anthony D’Esposito, R-NY, who is on the House Homeland Security Committee, is showing new footage to bolster his point that cartels are running the border. While on a visit to the southern border with other members of the committee, Rep. D’Esposito captured a video of a small number of illegal migrants crossing into the interior of the United States. He claimed this is a tactic by cartels to sneak into the US while Border Patrol is distracted by larger groups.

CBP is already stretched thin on resources and staff, making it difficult to be in many places at once. Rep. D’Esposito also captured an image of a border fence that cartels were able to cut a hole into, but this wall is not the same as the new border wall that was built under the Trump administration. The new border wall serves as a surveillance tool for CBP, with sensors that detect when the wall is touched so that more ground can be covered with less agents.

According to Fox News, Rep. D’Esposito stated that over the course of President Joe Biden’s time in office, more than “1.2 million people have entered into this country illegally,” adding that many of them are bringing drugs into the country illegally and no one knows where they are going or who they are. Rep. D’Esposito also expressed his support for people who want to come to the United States legally, who are forthright about who they are and that the pursuit of the American dream is what they want to come here for.

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security came under scrutiny for trying to quash efforts by Representative James Comer to have high-ranking officials testify before the committee. This prompted him to send a request on February 27th, 2023, to conduct transcribed interviews with seven CBP agents who oversee certain areas of the southern border.

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