GOP Lawmaker Reportedly Wants To See Increased Legal Immigration

Republican Representative Suggests Open Borders for Legal Migrant Workers

( – Amid a near 2.5-year surge of illegal migrants coming across the southern border into the United States, creating a crisis for Customs and Border Protection agents, Texas Representative Tony Gonzalez reportedly wants to open the country for migrant workers, allowing willing workers to come to the United States and gain legal employment through work visas. Gonzales claims that migrants are opting to walk into the country illegally instead of applying for a work visa because the Biden administration is allowing everyone to come through. However, he has voted no on several occasions to border security legislation drafted by House Republicans.

Representative Chip Roy, R-Texas, has introduced a simple bill that prevents the practice of catch and release, raising questions as to why Gonzales and a few other Republican Congressmen would not be on board with it. Rep. Gonzales told Semafor, an online publication, that he has “been working on some [immigration] fixes for a couple of years now,” adding that they will be introduced soon.

Some polling suggests increasing migration is an unpopular stance for Republicans and Independents. However, some Republicans such as 2024 Presidential Primary candidate Nikki Haley are hoping to decrease illegal migration while boosting legal migration. She aims to secure the border by catching and deporting illegal migrants but recently called for increased migrant workers based on what businesses need during a press conference with Rep. Gonzales at the border on April 3rd, 2023. Her comments sparked outrage amongst populists who see her as a candidate trying to take the Republican Party back to catering to big corporations instead of working for the people. The Center for Immigration Studies Director, Mark Krikorian, called her suggestion “crony capitalism, pure and simple.”

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