GOP Congressman Floats Pulling College Funding Over Hate Speech

( – Following the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel that resulted in the death of 1,400 people on October 7, college students and administrators have shocked many with their anti-Israel rhetoric and actions. Seemingly pro-Hamas rallies have taken place on many campuses, and administrators have fallen short when publicly addressing the activities. Alumni have closed their checkbooks from some colleges that failed to condemn the attack, and some have called for the resignation of senior administrators. Professors have spewed antisemitic and pro-Hamas statements during rallies and online.

Lawmakers have taken notice of the unusual behavior of students who failed to recognize they were supporting a terrorist group. Several have called for the defunding of colleges that are promoting the behavior, including Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Utah Republican Representative Burgess Owens recently spoke with Newsmax about potential actions the House of Representatives could take to begin the process of defunding colleges “where hate is being indoctrinated.” He said that if colleges are teaching students to hate others, it is the responsibility of Congress to put a stop to it.

Owens pointed out that students are not simply supporting Palestinians, but that it is “a really pro-Hamas” movement. He offered several questions that lawmakers should be asking regarding the accountability of teachers and the type of material they are teaching. He said that Congress can use the appropriations process to force accountability and that lawmakers are in the early stages of planning to pull funding. It is unclear if Democrats would support such a measure, but most of Congress has thrown its full support behind Israel. He described the evil nature of Hamas and expressed disappointment in students who he believes should know better than to support a terrorist organization.

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