Goldman Asks “Who Cares” About Bidens – We Do

( – New York Freshman Democrat Representative Dan Goldman, who is also an heir to Levi Strauss & Co., has taken a special interest in defending Hunter Biden during many of the latest hearings in the House of Representatives. On July 19, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., used her five minutes of time during a House Oversight Committee hearing to show blurred-out nude photos of Hunter Biden, along with a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) which showed wire transfers totaling over $44,000 to “Victim 1.”

“Victim 1” appears to be a prostitute that Hunter Biden paid to travel from California to Washington D.C. He used money from his law firm to make the payments, writing them off as business expenses.

Rep. Goldman was bursting at the seams waiting for Rep. Greene to finish speaking, making a point-of-order to Chairman James Comer about Rep. Greene showing the SAR to the public, as he was under the impression that the committee had agreed not to do so when they were granted access from the Treasury Department to review the reports. Rep. Comer quickly pointed out that “that suspicious activity report has been public for years,” prompting Goldman to concede his argument.

Democratic California Representative Robert Garcia also brought up Gal Luft, who was recently indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for acting as a foreign agent for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) linked energy company CEFC. Garcia tried to chide the Republicans for seeking his testimony for claims he made about Joe and Hunter Biden during a meeting with DOJ and FBI officials in Brussels back in 2019. Chairman Comer pointed out that CEFC was the same company that Hunter Biden took money from, allegedly through influence peddling of the Biden name, to which Rep. Goldman exclaimed, “Who cares!”

Rep. Goldman also attempted to prove that Joe Biden was not involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings during his line of questioning to whistleblower Gary Shapley. Unfortunately for President Biden and the Democrats, he ended up publicly confirming for the record that Joe Biden had, in fact, had discussions with Hunter Biden about his business deals, something that President Biden has repeatedly denied over the last several years.

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