Get to Know the Judge Who Reversed Biden’s Mask Mandate

Get to Know the Judge That Reversed Biden's Mask Mandate

( – Federal Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle struck down the federal mask mandate for travelers on April 18, leading many to look into who she is and question whether she should make such decisions for the country. In September 2020, former President Donald Trump appointed the then-33-year-old to her current position as a district court judge in the Middle District of Florida. The Senate confirmed her to the bench by a slim majority of 49 to 41.

Mark Joseph Stern from Slate stated her only qualifications at the time was that she clerked for “conservative judges,” winning Trump’s favor and leading to her appointment. Reports state Mizelle has experience in various justice system levels, including district court, circuit court, and the Supreme Court. Before that, she worked in private practice, having both trial and tax experience in the courtroom.

In response to Trump’s nomination of her, the American Bar Association stated she was “unqualified” for the position because she lacked the 12 years of experience typical of such a position. Regardless, the group admitted she had a “strong work ethic.”

No matter the ABA’s opinion, the Senate confirmed Mizelle to the bench, where she made the ruling to remove the masking requirement on public transportation.

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