Georgia Mother Killed in Dog Attack, Children Mauled

( – A horrific tragedy occurred in Quitman, Georgia, when a woman died after a large group of dogs attacked her and her children while they were standing at a bus stop. Courtney Williams, 35, was found dead by Brooks County deputies in a nearby yard after they responded to a call at around 4:45 p.m. on May 9. Upon arrival, law enforcement officials learned that a random stranger had stopped to fight the dogs off and then transported the children to a nearby hospital.

Crystal Cox, Williams’ sister-in-law, revealed the details of the attack in a Facebook post. She called the good Samaritan an “angel” and a “blessing” to her family, noting that the outcome could have been much worse if he had not stopped to help. Williams’s son Kayden Williams was hospitalized for his injuries after he fought one of the dogs off of his sister. He is now home from the hospital with his siblings and father. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is conducting an autopsy on Williams’s body to determine the cause of death. Her family launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover funeral expenses and hospital bills.

One local media outlet said that 13 dogs took part in the attack and 11 of them had been taken into custody by the Thomasville Humane Society. The director of the nonprofit, Chandler Giddes, said that plans were being made to remove at least three additional dogs from the property. A neighborhood resident said that there was no animal control in the community even though multiple complaints had been filed about strays and overpopulation.

Investigators from the GBI have asked individuals to contact their office if they have information about the attack. On May 20, the county’s Board of Commissioners launched its initial review period to determine if animal control services were necessary. Last year, a local veterinarian helped craft a plan to get the situation under control, including through local ordinances. However, budgetary constraints prevented the plan from progressing.

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