George W. Bush Demands More Action in Afghanistan

George W. Bush Demands More Action in Afghanistan

( – After the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, former President George W. Bush declared war on terror in the Middle East. As the first commander-in-chief to preside over this war, it makes sense that he would have a strong opinion about the untimely departure of US troops from Afghanistan.

On August 16, Bush released a statement expressing his concerns for the safety of those who remain in the now Taliban-controlled country.

Although the former president and his wife have confidence in the men and women of the US forces and allies leading the evacuations, the unstable state of Afghanistan highlights the difficult challenges they still face. He called for President Joe Biden to use his power to “cut the red tape for refugees” to ensure their safe passage out of danger.

In a letter to Congress, the Bush Center asked for Democrats and Republicans to work together to protect the Afghan women and girls whose lives are now in very real danger.

In this fragile time caused by the current administration’s hasty withdrawal of military forces overseas, Americans, allies, and innocent civilians who remain behind could pay the ultimate price. Only time will tell if President Biden can arrange the necessary evacuations before the Taliban makes the job impossible.

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