George W. Bush Admits Congress Has “Failed” and America’s System Is “Broken”

George W. Bush Admits Congress Has

( – On May 20, Fox News published an exclusive interview with former President George W. Bush. The 43rd POTUS took some time during the discussion to talk about the ongoing immigration crisis in America. He said the immigration system is broken “because Congress has failed to act.” How true is that?

Immigration Reform Throughout the Years

In 2006, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest after former Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) introduced legislation to crack down on illegal immigration. His legislation would have made it easier for the federal government to deport criminal aliens and increased fines on the employers who hired illegal aliens.

The following year, President George W. Bush pushed Congress to pass immigration reform. Bush wanted lawmakers to get together and pass a bipartisan measure, but it didn’t happen. The legislation died in the Senate.

When President Barack Obama was in office, he also pushed for immigration reform. First, he tried to get the DREAM Act passed, but in 2010, a handful of Democrats joined Republicans and voted the measure down in the Senate. The Democratic president deported massive numbers of immigrants, earning the name “Deporter in Chief” from immigration activists. Over his eight years, he signed some executive orders into law that made it easier for immigrants in the US to get legal status, but Republicans pushed back because they believed he acted unconstitutionally.

Former President Donald Trump also talked about passing immigration reform, but his number one priority was to secure the border. He did that well. The number of illegal immigrants coming into the country dramatically decreased. Although he also expressed a desire to pass reform, Congress was never on the same page, making it impossible to do anything.

Now there’s President Joe Biden, who has turned the immigration problem into a full-blown crisis.

Biden’s Immigration Crisis

Biden has been in office for four months, and his administration has been a disaster for the border. Tens of thousands of immigrants have poured into the U.S. ICE has picked up people on the terrorist watch list trying to come into America, and multiple convicted sex offenders, gang members and other dangerous people. While it spins out of control, the president and Vice President Kamala Harris seem unequipped to handle it.

While it’s true that Bush is correct, the immigration system has been broken for a long time. The Biden administration is making it much worse. Before he took office, it was relatively calm on the border, but now it’s a disaster.

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