George Santos Pulls Out of House Committees Amid Controversy

George Santos Pulls Out of House Committees Amid Controversy

( – GOP Representative George Santos has revealed that for the time being, he’s pulling out of two House Committees. According to The Guardian, this move came after criticism that Santos has been a major source of distraction due to the scandal surrounding his background. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, had chosen Santos for both the Committee on Small Business and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Santos is currently under multiple investigations, including a criminal probe from the Justice Department regarding his campaign finance writings. Concerns have arisen about his possible ties to a Russian businessperson, as well as where his money comes from. People across the aisle in New York have called for Santos to resign. According to The Guardian, polls show that nearly 80% of voters in the third district now think he needs to step down.

Santos’s office released a statement saying that he was recusing himself from the committees until he was cleared of the investigations into his personal and campaign finances. Santos himself said that the decision to temporarily withdraw from the committees was a serious one and that he wanted to focus on serving the constituents of New York’s third congressional district without any distractions.

Santos’ decision to step back from the committees was well-received by Republicans, with many welcoming the move as being in their best interest. On the other hand, The Guardian reported that Democrats were “struck by the chaos, confusion, and dysfunction of the Republican conference” and accused Republicans of defending someone who only has a passing relation to the truth.

George Santos’s temporary withdrawal from the committees is a sign of the growing scandal surrounding him and the pressure he is facing to resign. The allegations about Santos, including that he lied about his past and experience, have led to calls for his resignation from both Republicans and Democrats. Despite this, Santos remains defiant, stating that he will not step down and will focus on serving his constituents without any distractions.

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