Gavin Newsom Just Lost a Huge Battle With Pro-Life Group

Gavin Newsom Just Lost a Huge Battle With Pro-Life Group

( – In response to anti-vax protests at COVID-19 inoculation sites in California, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) signed bill SB 742 on October 8, prohibiting demonstrations within a certain distance of vaccination sites. On October 30, a California District Court ruled the bill unlawfully discriminates against the Right to Life of Central California, allowing them to continue offering alternative options to abortions.

Although legislators in the Golden State allegedly intended to give citizens safe access to coronavirus shots while still allowing protesting points of view, the law restricted the pro-life, non-profit group from offering services in front of their own office.

Since Right to Life is next door to Planned Parenthood, which offers HPV vaccines, the 100-foot censorship zone outlined in Newsom’s law halted the group’s right to free speech under the First Amendment, rendering SB 742 unconstitutional. Beginning in October, volunteers couldn’t use their sidewalk or parking lot to offer “free, life-giving services” to vulnerable women they saw in need.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys took the group’s suit to court. The judge decided to stop the law’s enforcement and allow the pro-life advocates to express their opinions where they think it does the most good, regardless of who is next door.

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