French Parliament Approves Stricter COVID Restrictions

French Parliament Approves Stricter COVID Restrictions

( – On January 13, the French Senate passed harsh COVID-19 restrictions for the citizens of the European country after President Emmanuel Macron criticized its remaining unvaccinated population.

Amid attempts to curb the Omicron surge, France reported over 360,000 new coronavirus cases and 246 related deaths the same day. He recently told a local paper that he intends to “piss off” the unvaccinated so they’ll give up their stance and comply with getting the jab.

The new measures included a vaccine pass, prompting a protest in Paris.

France isn’t the only country implementing harsh mandates and restrictions in response to the recent Omicron numbers. China tightened its already harsh zero-COVID strategy, and Greece also extended its rules another week, including double-masking in some areas. It’s not only countries across the pond imposing measures to stop the spread. Different provinces in Canada implemented curfews and could soon levy an additional tax on its unvaccinated population.

As freedom restrictions grow tighter in some places, Scotland is slowly easing its limiting measures. However, the government requires boosters for certain venues. It seems that many countries, including France, are turning their attention to getting more people vaccinated as a way to stop the Omicron spread, whether they like it or not.

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