Fraud Risk? Half a Million Questionable Ballots Mailed in California

( – Democrats have spent months pushing mail-in voting across the US despite warnings from Republicans. The GOP believes this alternative method will lead to widespread fraud. Recent data from California seems to prove them right.

On October 19, the California Globe published an article outlining massive, widespread problems with the Golden State’s electoral system. Election Integrity Project President Linda Paine told the media outlet that more than 400,000 ballots were sent to dead people or those who moved out of state, according to a report by her organization.

Worse yet, the organization warned California’s secretary of state in May, but was ignored. The state went ahead with its universal mail-in voting scheme, and now, the election results might be called into question. This is exactly the kind of problem Republicans were trying to avoid. How are the American people supposed to trust the election results when problems like this keep coming to light?

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