Fox News Fire Breaks Out in Basement

Fox News Fire Breaks Out in Basement

( –  In the wee hours on December 8, suspected arsonist Craig Tamanaha allegedly lit Fox headquarters’ Christmas tree ablaze. Oddly enough, a second fire happened at another Fox News location on December 19, which injured one person.

The cause of the fire at Fox 5 NY is still unknown, as investigators are still trying to piece together the incident in a basement compactor at the 46-story office location.


Although there’s no current reason to connect the two fires, the coincidence may raise a few eyebrows. With the political division between the Left and the Right arguably more intense than ever, the odds of two fires within two weeks connected to Fox News might look suspicious.

Tucker Carlson went so far as to refer to the tree fire as an “attack on Christianity.”

Police stated the evidence doesn’t point to a political motive.

The Christmas tree blaze resulted in about $500,000 in property damages, but there’s no word on how much the basement fire will cost to repair or the extent of the damage. The current status of the unidentified person injured in the basement fire is not yet known.

Both incidents took place in New York.

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