Former Trump Officials Start New “America First” Project

Trump Officials Start New

( – Former President Donald Trump’s America First policy seemed to really resonate with the people of this country. In fact, he and his policies were so popular that more than 74 million Americans voted for him in 2020, more than any other sitting president. A group of former White House officials wants to carry his legacy forward.

On April 13, Axios reported that former Trump officials launched the America First Policy Institute. The group reportedly includes former Small Business Administration head Linda McMahon, former economic adviser Larry Kudlow, and others. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are allegedly informal advisers. The organization includes 35 people and has a budget of $20 million for its first year.

The America First Policy Institute posted a video explaining its mission going forward.

The organization hopes to “save the soul” of the US. They have a number of areas they will focus on, like manufacturing, the law, and helping the underserved. President and CEO Brooke Rollins is asking the American people to help them move the country forward. According to Axios, the nonprofit organization will fight to be the “future of conservatism.”

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