Former Senator Now Running to Unseat Brian Kemp

Former Senator Now Running to Unseat Brian Kemp

( – In November 2020, former Republican Senator David Perdue lost his seat in Congress, but he still hopes to serve the American people. On December 6, the politician said he’ll run against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) for his position as the leader of Georgia in 2022. The announcement came just a short time after Democratic Party activist Stacey Abrams revealed her intention to run for governor of the Peach State.

Perdue said his bid was mainly to ensure Abrams doesn’t win the position. However, by putting his hat in the ring, he could be dividing the party at a time when it likely needs unity to resume power.

The director of communications for Kemp’s campaign stated Perdue was running to “soothe his own bruised ego” from his loss in 2020. However, the ex-Senator believes the current Georgia governor won’t win against Abrams, and he doesn’t want to see the state succumb to Democratic leadership. Perdue feels he’s in the best position to stop that from happening, especially because he has former President Donald Trump’s endorsement behind him.

Considering the ex-President’s disdain for Kemp and his unwillingness to fight for him during the 2020 general election, Perdue may be in a good position to receive Trump’s followers’ support.

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