Former Obama Adviser Pleads Guilty in Wire Fraud Case

Former Obama Adviser Pleads Guilty in Wire Fraud Case

( – On January 14, the United States Attorney’s Office Southern District of New York announced former Obama Administration Senior Advisor Seth Andrew pleaded guilty to wire fraud for stealing over $200,000 from the schools he helped create years earlier.

The thief served as an education advisor under previous President Barack Obama during his second term in office, using his position to siphon out cash for his own use. He could serve up to 20 years in federal prison for abusing his power and robbing the schools of their funds.

The New York-based charter schools maintained three escrow accounts they could only use after dissolution. Unfortunately, Andrew had access to the funds and devised a scheme to move the money into his personal accounts to secure a lower interest rate on a loan for his Manhattan apartment. Since he couldn’t move the funds directly, he closed the accounts in one bank, took the money, and opened another account in the same name at another bank, naming himself an employee. He then had free access to the cash.

Andrew agreed to pay back the Charter School Network for the escrow misappropriation, according to the statement. He faces the judge on April 14 to receive his sentence for the crime.

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