Former CIA Insider Says America Moving Toward Tyranny

Former CIA Insider Says America Moving Toward Tyranny

( – On July 15, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told the press pool the administration is working with Big Tech to censor “misinformation” on social media. The admission was startling. She essentially admitted the federal government is censoring Americans and violating the First Amendment. A former CIA officer believes it’s even worse than that.

The day after Psaki’s remarks, Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright told “Fox and Friends” he’s very worried about the Biden administration working with Big Tech. He said he believes the country is watching the “slow croach from freedom to tyranny.” Wright explained in his experience, one of the first things to happen when a free country moves to tyranny is the government takes control of the media and speech. It seems like President Joe Biden is pursuing these actions.

There’s something else Psaki might not have realized she’d done.

Former President Donald Trump recently sued Facebook, Google (the owner of YouTube) and Twitter. In the lawsuit, he alleges the social media platforms were working as an arm of the federal government. Psaki’s comments seem to indicate exactly that, which could prove fruitful for the former president.

In the meantime, as the lawsuit plays out, the American people will have to decide when enough is going to be enough.

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