Foreign Leaders Concerned About Biden’s Failure to Act

Foreign Leaders Concerned About Biden's Failure to Act

( – When former President Donald Trump was in office, he made fighting terrorists his top priority. One of the places where he increased military missions was in East Africa, where an uptick in extremism took place. However, rather than continue that policy, President Joe Biden seems to have abandoned it, and the leaders in one country are concerned.

According to a March 6 report by Voice of America (VOA) News, leaders in Somalia are concerned that the Biden administration has not launched any airstrikes against al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabab. The new president issued recent guidance requiring all strikes to be cleared through the White House. That has led to inaction, and one Somalian senior military leader believes the terrorist leaders will feel emboldened to “come out of hiding.”

Although Biden isn’t acting, the terrorists certainly are.

In December, former President Trump pulled all of the American troops out of the country. The Pentagon indicated the fight against terrorism in the region would continue, but Biden has not followed through on that. Congress has also not acted to protect the US ally. If Somalian leaders are correct, there will be a resurgence of terror attacks, and people will die needlessly as a result.

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