Florida Legislature Considering Allowing Concealed Carry Without a Permit

Florida Legislature Considering Allowing Concealed Carry Without a Permit

(LibertySociety.com) – Florida may be about to become the 26th state in the US to allow permitless concealed carry, POLITICO reports. This long-awaited legislation was outlined by Republican House Speaker Paul Renner on Monday. The bill sponsored by two GOP lawmakers, including state Rep. Chuck Brannan (R) and state Sen. Jay Collins (R).

The proposed bill would eliminate the need for Floridians to apply for a license for concealed carry. Currently, Florida law allows for firearm purchases for those 21 and over without a state application, excluding federal background checks. If the bill passes, the regulation of concealed carry permits, which is handled by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, would come to an end. The state would stop demanding that people obtain a permit to own a gun and will not force people to undergo training. However, it’s unknown whether or not gun owners will be able to carry their firearms openly, as that’s currently against the law.

Conservatives and gun rights groups in Florida have been pushing for constitutional carry for some time. This year’s efforts are strengthened by Governor Ron DeSantis, who has stated that he would sign a permitless carry bill if it reached his desk. The passage of the bill is expected to face opposition from Democrats who believe it will lead to an influx of untrained gun owners. They believe it’s just designed to invigorate supporters of DeSantis.

According to POLITICO, Texas passed a law similar to it back in 2021, which gave gun owners 21 and over the ability to carry openly or concealed without getting a permit.

Despite opposition from Democrats, Republicans have most of the power in both of Florida’s legislative chambers. In a press conference, House Speaker Paul Renner described the new legislation as an important constitutional right, saying the bill will remove the “government permission slip” to let people enjoy that right.

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