First Troops Welcomed by Governor at State Border Base

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott toured the new Texas National Guard base on May 31 as the first group of soldiers arrived at their home away from home. Abbott held a press briefing after the tour, providing detailed information about the completion of the first of six phases of the base. Since the inception of Operation Lone Star, soldiers have stayed in hotels and base camps well north of the southern border, forcing them to drive multiple hours each day to work. The new base is located right on the southern border near Eagle Pass and offers everything a soldier needs for a normal life routine. Three hundred soldiers arrived at the base on the day of Abbott’s visit, which will eventually accommodate 1,800 troops. If necessary, it can house 500 additional soldiers.

The state is paying $131 million to a housing company to operate the base through September. Major General Thomas Suelzer said housing the soldiers at the base will be cheaper for taxpayers than continuing to fund travel and hotel accommodations. Abbott said that the establishment of the base would give the state “a permanent presence on the southern border.” Soldiers will be given a private bedroom at the base and have access to a large dining facility, laundry, and Wi-Fi. In addition, the base has a recreational center to allow soldiers to maintain their physical fitness. If desired, soldiers can attend an on-site chaplaincy program. Healthcare will also be provided at the base.

Operation Lone Star has more than proven its worth, with 512,300 illegal migrant apprehensions to date. Over 43,400 border crossers have been arrested and over 38,200 felony charges have stemmed from the operation. Perhaps most importantly, agency participants have prevented more than 487 million deadly doses of fentanyl from being sold in the United States. Governor Abbott has continuously followed through on his promise to protect the southern border, while the Biden administration has continuously proven that it has no interest in ending the crisis.

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