Feds Charge Marine for Plot to Kill ‘Privileged’ White People

(LibertySociety.com) – A New Jersey man is facing federal charges after he planned to execute a mass murder plot of white people in 2022. Joshua Cobb, enlisted in the Marines a year after an online announcement of his plan “to cause mayhem on the white community.” He claimed that white people could not relate to the types of struggles he faced as a black man, although he admitted that white people have their own struggles. Despite the admission, he wrote that he wanted “to erase them,” and specified his plan to carry out a shooting in New Jersey during a holiday that he claimed to be a white holiday. Court records also revealed that Cobb planned to attack an area that rich white people frequented.

Cobb wrote that he had half of the guns he would use during the attack, and implied that he had purchased them illegally. In 2023, he was sent to South Carolina for basic training, after which he was stationed in California until his discharge in May. Back in April, he was interviewed by the FBI, during which he willingly elaborated on three separate plans to commit a mass shooting against white people. He told agents that he still felt the urge to kill privileged white people. Federal authorities arrested Cobb on May 10 and charged him for transmitting a threat in interstate and foreign commerce. He could spend up to five years in prison and be fined up to $250,000 if convicted. He opted out of a preliminary hearing and is being detained until he returns to court for a bail hearing.

In recent years, military recruitment levels have shrunk to their lowest levels, especially among Gen Z. The Marine Corps and Space Force are the only two branches of the military to meet their recruitment goals. One Pentagon official recently said that lawmakers should begin urging young people to join the military, arguing that most are uninformed about what it has to offer. Space Force is the only branch of the military that has not reduced its active-duty personnel.

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