Fauci and the Biden Administration Continue to Flip-Flop on COVID

Fauci and the Biden Administration Continue to Flip-Flop on COVID

Dr. Fauci Desperately Backpedals On Previous Statements

(LibertySociety.com) – During an interview with PBS, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said the United States is “out of the pandemic phase,” but he changed his stance when speaking to The Washington Post soon after his words went public. In that interview, the doctor changed his stance to say the US is in a “transitional phase” from an out-of-control spread to a more endemic state. Fauci also spoke on NPR’s podcast on April 27 to say America is not out of the pandemic. So, which is it?

The NIAID director further clarified his statement that the US was out of the pandemic phase by adding the word acute, meaning health professionals aren’t seeing hundreds of thousands of cases per day anymore. Fauci said infection rates are low, so citizens can start learning how to live with the coronavirus still circulating while protecting themselves.

On April 26, the CDC stated about 58% of people in the US have COVID-19 antibodies from infection. However, they stopped short of saying the protection would guard them against future infections, adding more confusion among Americans.

The Biden administration’s constant mixed messages and seeming refusal to send a steady message to the American people have the public wondering what the story will be tomorrow and when their lives will return to normal.

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