Family Sues School for Allegedly Violating Son’s First Amendment Rights

Family Sues School for Allegedly Violating Son's First Amendment Rights

( – The parents of Liam Morrison, a seventh grader at Nichols Middle School in Massachusetts, are taking action against the school after alleging that it violated their son’s First Amendment rights. Back in March 2023, Liam wore a shirt to school that had the words “There are only two genders” printed on it, which resulted in the school attempting to force him to change his shirt, telling him that it was “making some students feel unsafe.” The school called his father to come and pick him up because he refused to change, and the school has defended its decision by saying the shirt was against its dress code.

Following the incident, Liam spoke in front of the school board at an April 13th, 2023, meeting, blasting the school for not letting him wear the shirt. He called out the various political messages and ideologies that are displayed throughout the school, telling the school board that he did not cause a stir about those and asking why he is treated differently than others who express their beliefs. He informed the school board that he was told that he was “targeting a protected class,” to which he slammed the school for stomping on his rights due to the feelings of others.

On May 5th, Liam wore another shirt with the phrase “there are censored genders,” resulting in a call to the office before classes even began. Now Liam’s parents are suing the school for allegedly violating his rights, and the law firm representing him argues that he has a good case against the school. The attorney stated that Liam was given no examples of complaints that supposedly came from students and staff, claiming that Liam told him that many students liked his shirt.

Liam’s attorney cited several cases that were similar to his complaint, all of which resulted in a victory for the person who claimed their rights were violated. The school will likely be summoned to federal court to defend its decisions.

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