Families Outraged After Community Center Closed to House Illegals

(LibertySociety.com) – The crisis at the southern border has led to a massive influx of illegal migrants into various cities and states across the country. Officials in so-called sanctuary cities have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on housing, feeding, and providing healthcare to illegal migrants. Schools, community centers, and hotels have been converted into shelters, causing controversy with residents. In Boston, families are angry after Mayor Michelle Wu closed down the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Community Center in the Roxbury neighborhood to house illegal migrants coming into the city.

Roxbury residents are mostly black, and children there use the community center for baseball, volleyball, and other community activities. Now the center is full of cots for illegal migrants to sleep, while local children are deprived of an essential part of their lives. One young resident named Jeremiah Rodriguez told CBS, WBZ-TV that he was upset after showing up for baseball practice only to learn that the center was closed. His father told the outlet that he believed it was good to help the migrants, but added that taking away a place that families and kids consistently use and love was not appropriate.

The median annual income for Roxbury is $30,654, which is around $22,000 less than the annual median income in Boston. One Roxbury activist named Clifton Braithwaite said that the city was being unfair to the community. He said that residents had been told for over ten years that “there was no money,” pointing out that community leaders did not give that excuse when it came to housing the illegal migrants. Braithwaite made clear that he was supportive of aiding the illegal migrants, but that there should be a level of fairness involved. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and New York City Mayor Eric Adams have also faced scrutiny for making plans to take away community gathering centers to use for housing illegal migrants.

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