Fake Biden Robocall Targets NH Dems

(LibertySociety.com) – Voters in New Hampshire were likely confused after receiving a robocall with a message from President Biden telling them not to vote in the state’s primary election on January 23. Social media exploded with “fake Biden” as a top trend after the New Hampshire attorney general’s office released a statement to notify voters that Biden’s voice was recreated using artificial intelligence (AI) for the robocall. The statement also said that the call appeared to be “an unlawful attempt” to cause problems in the state’s primary election and suppress voter turnout.

The attorney general’s office opened an investigation into the matter after the former chair of the state’s Democratic Party, Kathy Sullivan, filed a complaint. The phone call appeared to come from her phone number, but the attorney general’s office believes it was spoofed. Sullivan’s number was also given out at the end of the call, and she began receiving phone calls from voters on the evening of January 21. President Biden’s name is not on the state’s primary ballot, but Sullivan has been advocating to voters through her super PAC to put him down as a write-in.

For over 100 years, New Hampshire has been the location of the nation’s first primary election. However, the Democratic National Committee switched its first primary election to South Carolina to give recognition to black voters. New Hampshire chose to keep its scheduled primary date, and democratic voters began pushing the write-in effort. Many felt that it would invigorate voters to support Biden and also make clear to the DNC that they were unhappy with breaking tradition.

Sullivan said that she would work with authorities to find out who created the robocall campaign, as she believes multiple laws were broken. New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan said that she hoped the call would induce the opposite effect and that more voters would show up to write in Biden’s name. Former President Trump’s campaign spokesperson made clear that his team had nothing to do with the robocall.

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