Experts Warn Internet Users to Avoid Viral App That Sends Data to Moscow

Experts Warn Internet Users to Avoid Viral App That Sends Data to Moscow

Avoid This Viral Photo App – Russians May Be Stealing Your Data

( – NewProfilePic is an app gaining popularity, turning user photographs into cartoon-like avatars, but the company is based in Russia, and some are concerned it’s doing a bit more than digitizing pictures. Global Cybersecurity Advisor Jake Moore warned users to be cautious when using the app, considering the “amount of data” it collects.

Linerock Investments Ltd. insists it’s on the up and up, with the company listed as being in the British Virgin Islands, but reports show it actually has a Russia location.

When users download the app, they may or may not be aware of their consent to reveal where they live and details about their mobile device. According to the Daily Mail, sharing the newly digitized profile pic on social media pages allows Linerock to access the user’s social media feed.

In fact, the company’s data policy clearly states it will collect this information in addition to the user’s “name, email address, user name” and any other tidbits shared when they downloaded the application. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. The Daily Mail reports the NewProfilePic app will know which browser the user prefers, their IP address, and computer settings as well.

While most people have good things to say about the app, they might not be thinking about the data possibly going overseas and straight to Russia or what happens to the information thereafter.

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