Experts Say Johnny Depp’s Chances of Winning Are Slim

Experts Say Johnny Depp's Chances of Winning Are Slim

Johnny Depp May Lose His Defamation Case, Experts Say

( – Although many experts agree actress Amber Heard is most likely lying in her allegations against actor Johnny Depp, some believe the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star will have a tough time winning his case against her. First Amendment Attorney George Freeman said suing for defamation is different for a public figure than it is for other everyday citizens.

According to Freeman, public figures such as Depp have to prove what the defendants were thinking and that they were aware they were telling lies. For people not in the public eye, a prosecutor simply has to prove defendants were negligent or careless with their words or actions in defaming the victim.

The prolific actor and his attorneys must convince the 12 jurors Heard damaged his reputation and his career by writing and publishing her 2018 op-ed.

Since Heard didn’t mention Depp by name — she claims the article wasn’t even about him — but his lawyer said her writings were clearly referencing the Kentucky-born star. He, in turn, claims it was his ex-wife who abused him both physically and mentally, insisting he never laid a hand on her or any other woman in his life.

If the jury believes his account, that still might not be enough to win him the defamation case, as his reputation and career are the focus, not necessarily the abuse.

The trial resumed on May 16 with Heard still on the stand.

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