Eric Clapton Condemns Vaccine Passports, Threatens to Cancel Performances Where Required

Eric Clapton Condemns Vaccine Passports, Threatens to Cancel Performances Where Required

( – Vaccine passports have been a hot topic around the world in recent months. Some people believe governments should force people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in order to enter businesses, government buildings, and attend events. Others argue this would violate people’s rights. Recently, debate over the topic exploded in Britain after the prime minister made remarks on the subject. World-renowned musician Eric Clapton is now pushing back.

Johnson’s Mandate

On July 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced people will have to be fully vaccinated by the end of September if they want to enter crowded nightclubs and other similar venues. If they don’t have the vaccination, they will either need to show immunity or proof of a negative test result.

Johnson’s announcement came as data showed 35% of people ages 18 to 30 have yet to receive their first vaccination. Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance called clubs and other venues like them “potential super spreading events” because people are often packed into the buildings. He told reporters he believes that as clubs open there will be an increase in cases and “outbreaks related to specific nightclubs.”

Eric Clapton Issues Warning

The day after the prime minister’s announcement, Clapton said he would cancel shows booked in venues requiring vaccine passports. He issued a statement saying he feels “honour bound” to let people know he “will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present.”

After Clapton’s announcement, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) applauded him and stressed that people should not be forced to receive the jab if they do not want it.


It isn’t only Clapton who has a problem with the vaccine mandate; politicians in the country are speaking out as well. The Labour Party said it’s prepared to vote against the mandate. A spokesman for the party, Keir Starmer, said, “We oppose the use of COVID vaccination status for everyday access to venues and services.”

Johnson’s own party opposes his plans, too. More than 40 conservative MPs signed a declaration stating they disagree with using vaccine passports to “deny individuals access to general services, businesses or jobs.” They’re reportedly planning to vote against the plan.

The PM has said he still plans to move forward with the mandate. Whether or not it withstands the opposition remains to be seen.

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