Elon Musk’s Father Insults Son During Radio Interview

Elon Musk's Father Insults Son During Radio Interview

Elon Musk’s Father Insults His Own Son — Speaks Out During Interview

(LibertySociety.com) – Elon Musk’s father, Errol, spoke recently on a radio show where he openly and, without hesitation, insulted the Tesla billionaire. When the host of the “Kyle and Jackie O” show questioned whether he was proud of his son, he answered, “no.” That wasn’t the end of the chatter against his boy, though. The CEO’s dad also added his eldest needed to lose some weight due to his poor eating habits.

Errol Musk elaborated, saying Elon doesn’t even drive a Tesla, which is unusual considering the vehicles are part of his empire. After repeated slams on his son, he gushed over his younger child, Kimbal, who he called his “pride and joy.” The lesser-known Musk is also a billionaire in his own right, but his older brother’s fame and controversy seemingly dwarf his reputation.

Scandals over their respective children have shrouded The SpaceX owner and his pop. Reports recently revealed Errol fathered two children with his step-daughter, and Elon himself had three children (two secretly) by multiple women in the last year to bring his offspring tally to 10.

What do you think about what Musk’s father had to say in his recent interview? Do you have an overall opinion about the pair and all their drama?

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