Elon Musk Plans Trump Town Hall on X After Disputing Verdict

(LibertySociety.com) – Former President Trump will take part in a town hall event on X, formerly Twitter, where he will respond to user-submitted questions about his plans for the country if reelected in November.

The event will be live-streamed and broadcast on cable television, thanks to X’s partnership with NewsNation. One moderator for the event will most certainly come from the outlet. Although no official date or location has been set, it will undoubtedly draw in a massive number of viewers. The moderators will decide which user-submitted questions to ask the 45th president.

The idea was pitched by X CEO Linda Yaccarino, who envisions the social media giant as a place where regular Americans can have more political input. X will promote the stream through an event page specifically created for the town hall. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also accepted an invitation to do a separate live-streamed town hall event on the platform. One media outlet noted that President Biden’s campaign declined an invitation from X.

Trump has posted on X once since owner Elon Musk restored his account. Before his 2021 suspension from the platform, Trump used his account to bypass the mainstream media and communicate with Americans. After his voice was silenced, he launched his own social media platform, Truth Social, which has proven its worth in getting his unfiltered and unedited messages out to the public.

Trump and Musk have always maintained a friendly relationship, but their recent meeting and the town hall event announcement have sparked new rumors about a potential role for Musk in a new Trump administration. Musk has criticized the Biden administration on numerous occasions, especially regarding the illegal migration crisis at the southern border.

Trump’s conviction by a New York jury, in what millions believed was a political and selective prosecution, prompted a brutal response from Musk. In a post on X, the billionaire entrepreneur said that the verdict damaged Americans’ trust in the judicial system. He warned that no one is safe if a former president could be convicted over something so small.

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