Elise Stefanik Reportedly Helps Secure Win Against Soros-Backed Group

Elise Stefanik Wins Big for Conservative Censorship

(LibertySociety.com) – Critics have often accused major companies and groups of targeting conservative news outlets with censorship over the last several years. One group that is allegedly responsible for the censorship has been identified and is losing government funding. A George Soros funded group, called GDI, or Global Disinformation Index, has been identified as the group responsible for loss of ad revenue for conservative news outlets, and has subsequently lost some of its funding, according to a Breitbart News exclusive.

The State Department funds a group called the National Endowment for Democracy, which has been funding GDI, but that has came to an end for the Soros group. Representative Elise Stefanik, R-NY, is a board member for NED, and she reportedly played an important role in defunding GDI. In a statement on the matter, Stefanik said the State Department shouldn’t be “funding woke organizations” that are trying to silence conservative media. The CEO of NED also stated that the funding is for international purposes, adding that there are “strict policies and practices in place” to prevent domestic use.

According to Breitbart, GDI has many conservative media outlets on a “blacklist,” including Breitbart itself. Back in 2020, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter deemed certain news outlets to be so-called “authoritative voices,” prioritizing them over others, suffering backlash due to the decision. Twitter would have a daily banner at the top of the trending tab that instantly boosted the latest story from The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, etc, and this lasted until Elon Musk purchased Twitter. Facebook has since reversed their algorithm that boosted only certain news outlets.

The recent revelations from the Twitter files, such as alleged requests to censor or remove people from the platform by Senator Angus King, I-ME, and Representative Adam Schiff, D-CA, in addition to the expose of the Soros-funded GDI, may have lawmakers on the hunt for other ways that conservative outlets are being targeted unjustifiably. Representative Stefanik will surely be thanked by free-speech advocates for her work in ending the funding for GDI.

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