Drone Launched By Russia Reportedly Contained US-Made Parts

Russia Reportedly Using Drones Including US Technology

(LibertySociety.com) – From the time Russian troops invaded their sovereign neighbor in early 2022, the United States and many other countries have supported the target of the attack — Ukraine. Although none of those nations have officially mobilized boots on the ground in the region, Ukrainian allies and supporters have issued sanctions against Russia and sent weapons and equipment to help the country’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his troops defend their country.

According to an exclusive CNN report from January 4, US and other Western company parts were found inside an Iranian drone shot down in Ukraine sometime in the fall of 2022. The aerial device was launched by Russia. Throughout the last few months, outlets have reported Moscow has been using drones made in Iran, resulting in multiple deaths and structural damage. In fact, it was reported in November that the country’s government admitted to previously supplying the equipment to Russia.

Details From the Report

The New York Post revealed the report obtained by CNN detailed the findings of the Ukrainian Intelligence team. They apparently examined over 50 parts taken out of the Shahed-136 drone shot down inside the country’s borders and found 40 components made by 13 US companies, while various other parts came from China, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and Switzerland. The Post said the particular device, a suicide drone, is made to travel to an intended target and explode.

A December 2022 exclusive report, also from CNN, revealed the Biden administration created a task force to figure out how components made in the United States and other countries are finding their way into Iranian drones supplied to Russia. The month before, the UK was also reportedly looking into the matter. According to the outlet, the investigation of some downed drones revealed 82% of the parts were made by US companies.

Next Steps

National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson Adrienne Watson made a statement about the issue to CNN. She said the council is looking into how it can use targeted sanctions to halt production of the drones, monitor and control the exporting of parts, and work with the various companies to keep the technology away from Iran. If the NSC can accomplish that, perhaps it can keep the devices out of Russian hands. Watson also made it clear the group does not suspect any foul play on the part of the US manufacturers.

According to the New York Post, NSC spokesperson John Kirby said in a briefing that believes in exchange for the drones supplied by Iran, Russia is providing the country with “military and technical support.”

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