Dozens of Workers Laid Off in DeSantis Campaign Team

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign is back in the spotlight after a review of its strategy prompted the layoff of 38 staff members. With 90 staffers listed in the campaign’s most recent filings in June, the layoffs reduce that number by over one-third. DeSantis’ campaign manager described the layoffs as “aggressive steps to streamline operations” to pull off a primary victory, but people are not convinced that is actually the case. The news of a slimmer staff has made its rounds on social media, with the anti-DeSantis wing of the Republican Party deeming it as a sign that DeSantis knows he has no chance of beating former President Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. had a lot to say about the matter several days before the layoffs were made official, telling Breitbart News that a lack of grassroots support is another issue the Florida governor is facing. He said that small donations “are almost non-existent, making up 15 percent of his take,” adding that the billionaires who will do anything to prevent another Trump term are responsible for pushing DeSantis to run before he was ready. Trump Jr. also claimed that some of his campaign struggles are a result of the governor not being a very likable person and that social media influencers have propped him up online.

Just days ago, the campaign received backlash for a video posted by one of its speech writers that included an ancient Nazi symbol called a Sonnenrad. The campaign immediately fired him, but the video was circulated widely and used to validate what many believe to be a shaky internal environment in the DeSantis world. This is the second controversial video that has caused trouble within the campaign. In early July, another video labeled former President Trump as too pro-LGBTQ but was perceived as homophobic. The latest Morning Consult survey showed that DeSantis is slipping in the polls, at just 16 percent. This comes just shortly after most GOP candidates sat for an interview with Tucker Carlson at the first Republican forum of the primary election season.

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