Donald Trump’s COVID Prediction Comes True

Donald Trump COVID Prediction Comes True

( – In September, then-President Donald Trump said that he expected to have “enough vaccines for every American by April.” The media cast doubt on his timeline. For example, the Washington Post reported his comments but said he made the claim “without evidence.” Yet, a recent announcement from the Biden administration is now proving the 45th president was right.

On Tuesday, April 6, Biden moved up the date that adults would be eligible to receive the vaccine. He now believes that will be possible on April 19, two weeks earlier than the former May 1 date. The revised date highlights the mainstream media’s doubts when Trump said it would be possible in April.

The media often contradicted Trump throughout his presidency. They made it seem as though he was incompetent and had no plan. Clearly, that’s not true since the Biden administration is now meeting the goals he set months ago.

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