Donald Trump Wins Legal Victory in Stormy Daniels Case

Donald Trump Wins Legal Victory in Stormy Daniels Case

( – On March 21, Stormy Daniels lost an appeal of her suit alleging defamation against former President Donald Trump. As a result, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals judge ordered the plaintiff to pay nearly $300,000 to Trump, covering about 75% of his legal defense fees. The former US leader shared his thoughts on the ruling through a statement in which he called the suit “frivolous.” He saw the ruling as a “complete victory and vindication.”

Daniels replied that she would sooner go to jail than pay what the judge ordered.

The appeals court said it didn’t have jurisdiction over the case because Daniels failed to meet the 30-day notice filing deadline. The judge tacked another $1,000 against Daniels on top of the money they ordered her to pay Trump.

She insisted the two had an affair in 2006, an accusation the former president vehemently denies. Trump called the entire sham a stunt to hurt him politically, and he’s waiting for Daniels to pay him the money she owes.

Both attorneys on the original defamation case were found guilty on felony charges related to the case from 2018. There’s no word on the punishment Daniels will face if she continues to refuse payment.

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