Donald Trump Expresses Support for Arming Teachers

Former President Trump Suggests Arming 5% of Teachers

( – Breitbart News reported details of an interview with former President Trump following his speech at an NRA annual event, where he expressed his belief that arming teachers at schools would help address school shootings. He told Breitbart, “More than anything else it’s mental health,” adding that drug use exacerbates the problem. He spoke about the condition of the southern border during his administration.

During his speech, he floated the idea of a tax credit that would cover the training of teachers who want to carry firearms in the classroom, as many teachers are veterans or have experience with handling firearms. He stated that he believed that arming just 5% of teachers would be enough to have a positive impact, stating that “you’re not gonna have a problem anymore,” adding that teachers would not even have to use them. He also stated that there should be armed guards outside of the schools, but that the added benefit of arming teachers who are already employed by the school would increase security without having to hire additional people.

Some schools have opted to arm teachers, and lawmakers have called for funding to allow the expansion of the policy to protect students across the nation. Most recently, Representative Thomas Massie, R-Ky., had an argument with Representative Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., in the halls of the Capitol building about co-sponsoring his legislation to fund schools that want to arm teachers. Rep. Bowman was in the middle of filming a hopeful viral TikTok video blaming Republicans for school shootings when Massie approached him about the matter. Although he did not make any headway with Rep. Bowman, Rep. Massie sent a message claiming that schools with armed teachers have not had any school shootings.

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