Donald Trump Drops Huge 2024 Hint

Donald Trump Drops Huge 2024 Hint

( – Former President Donald Trump gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on February 26 and revealed the biggest clue yet about his plans for 2024. Since the dynamic leader lost the election in 2020, people across America have wanted to know if he would run again in 2024. Once he finished talking about President Joe Biden’s inability to prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine, he told the crowd he would win the presidency “a third time,” causing the crowd to cheer him on and shout, “Four more years!”

Although he’s dropped hints here and there before regarding his intentions to take another shot at the White House, he may be getting ready to make the official announcement.

His recent speech wasn’t the first time Trump talked about running again for the Oval Office. While on a golfing trip in January, the former US leader told another golfer he was not only the 45th president, but he’d be the 47th, as well.

A straw poll conducted by CPAC showed Trump winning the primary nomination over Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) by 31 points. If the former president decides to run against Biden again, a recent poll from RealClearPolitics showed Trump winning by a margin of 3.7%. The midterm results in November could confirm the direction voters want to go in 2024.

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