Domestic Terrorism Continues on the Rise

Domestic Terrorism Continues on the Rise

Terrorist PATTERN Discovered By Investigators Within The US

( – Following the Supreme Court abortion rights ruling on June 24, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said “domestic violent extremism” is likely on the rise. Axios obtained a memo from DHS, which detailed possible targets of this expected terrorism, including SCOTUS justices, churches, and healthcare facilities. In fact, the department is already aware there have been instances of arson and vandalism in response to the released opinion in multiple cities nationwide.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) asked for a briefing from the FBI on the matter.

In his letter to the bureau, he said there have been dozens of “violent attacks” since the draft was leaked ahead of the court’s official decision. He also talked about the threat to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s life at his home before the final ruling, stating the unrest has only gotten worse. Grassley wants to know how the FBI plans to address the issue.

Several people took to Twitter in the days following the SCOTUS ruling, threatening to kill Justice Clarence Thomas for his conservative opinion. Many are still protesting outside of the SCOTUS justices’ homes to show their displeasure about the court giving abortion rights decisions to the states. Pro-life centers have come under attack, as well.

DHS promised to work with state and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of people within the affected communities.

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