DHS Secretary Under Investigation By GOP Lawmaker

House Republicans Seek Better Answers From DHS Secretary Mayorkas

(LibertySociety.com) – Republicans in Congress have spent the last two years documenting the actions of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, while also holding hearings in various committees that often resulted in heated exchanges between him and lawmakers. While House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has blasted Mayorkas on multiple occasions, he has refrained from committing to his impeachment, suggesting that Congress conduct an investigation first.

Now the House Homeland Security Committee chair, Mark Green, R-Tenn., is doing just that, announcing a new investigation at a June 14 press conference. Rep. Green outlined issues the committee found to be worth investigating, shortly before a scheduled hearing with former DHS officials and experts who testified about how Mayorkas has handled the crisis at the southern border. Rep. Green stated during the press briefing that Mayorkas “has been willfully derelict in his duties as Secretary of Homeland Security,” adding that he has not upheld his oath of office.

Rep. Green listed a number of concerns that the committee has, including how Mayorkas has “ignored multiple court orders to cease and desist his activities,” while also telling reporters that at a minimum, he has broken ten federal laws. Mayorkas and the Biden administration have been accused of implementing policies that violate current immigration law, some of which have been halted by federal judges. Lawmakers in the Senate have threatened to put forward a vote of no confidence to signal to the House that they would be on board with impeachment. With a slim majority in the House, in addition to moderate Republicans being resistant to the idea of impeachment, nothing has been brought forward so far.

Rep. Green explicitly stated that impeaching Mayorkas is not the reason the committee is investigating him, which may not sit well with Republican voters who have grown tired of not seeing meaningful action from their representatives in Congress. Just last week, the House fell short of the votes it needed to censure and fine Representative Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his repetition of falsehoods and misrepresentations about then-President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.

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