DeSantis Promises To Bring Civil Rights Cases Against Prosecutors

( – Florida Republican Governor and 2024 presidential primary candidate Ron DeSantis went after “left-wing Soros-funded prosecutors” during the second Republican primary debate on September 27. He explained that he would turn the tables on those prosecutors by empowering the Department of Justice to bring civil rights cases against them. He expressed the need to take such action because those prosecutors continuously refuse to bring charges against those who commit crimes. DeSantis believes that the United States is in decline due to the rising crime and lawlessness across the nation’s biggest cities.

DeSantis touted the decreasing crime rates in Florida and attributed successes to the support of law enforcement. He also boasted about removing two prosecutors in the state who refused to uphold the law, stating that “the people of Florida are safer as a result of it.” DeSantis said that innocent American citizens are being harmed because criminals are allowed back into the streets with no consequences. DeSantis has offered bonuses to police officers in Florida several times since the Democrats began calling for the defunding of police in 2020 after the killing of George Floyd. He also gave bonuses to police officers who were willing to relocate to Florida.

DeSantis is not alone in his endeavor to remove corrupt prosecutors. Back in May, the top prosecutor for the city of St. Louis resigned after Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey moved forward with having her removed from office. Gardner was accused of failing to file timely charges against criminals, skipping out on court hearings, and promoting a chaotic office environment with a high turnover rate. Gardner, like many other prosecutors, was bankrolled by George Soros during her campaign. Meanwhile, Illinois Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker has pursued the opposite agenda of DeSantis. In September, Illinois officially became the first state to end cash bail. Unless deemed a threat to the public, offenders will not be required to post bail to get out of jail.

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