DeSantis’ Biggest Donor Mulls Backing ‘Streetwise’ Trump

( – Florida Republican Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis could soon lose his biggest financial supporter. Robert Bigelow donated $20 million to the Never Back Down Super PAC this year but is contemplating switching his endorsement to former President Trump.

During an interview with the Financial Times, Bigelow criticized DeSantis for several missteps over the last year, including his 6-week abortion ban and his laser-like focus on conservatism. Bigelow said that six weeks is too early to ban abortions because women have likely just found out they were pregnant. He went further, saying, “It’s a sham. It’s make-believe. It’s condescending.”

Bigelow pointed to Trump’s experience and strength as a reason he has considered abandoning DeSantis. However, he began shifting more heavily toward Trump after the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. He said that “a streetwise” leader like Trump was necessary for the United States during times like these. Politico reached out to the DeSantis campaign for comment but did not receive a response. His campaign spokesperson also refused to provide direct comment to the Financial Times. Instead, the spokesperson directed the outlet to consult a previous comment to NBC News back in August, where DeSantis said he would be wealthy if he was given five cents each time someone doubted him.

Despite skipping out on every Republican primary debate thus far, former President Trump holds a commanding lead over all other candidates. DeSantis’s support has remained stagnant, with a loss of support in some polls. Former Vice President Mike Pence recently ended his bid for the White House, shifting his support to other establishment-type candidates. Following the November 8 debate in Miami, strategists awarded former South Carolina Nikki Haley with the win. Haley and DeSantis argued over their handling of China, both accusing one another of allowing Chinese investments in their states. DeSantis did not offer anything new regarding the war in Ukraine other than his opposition to putting American troops on the ground.

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