Derek Chauvin Files Own Conviction Appeal in George Floyd Death

Derek Chauvin Files Own Conviction Appeal in George Floyd Death

( – When the courts find someone guilty in the United States, their conviction is not always the end of the story. In fact, a convicted person has the right to appeal the judge and jury’s decision if they so choose. That’s exactly what Derek Chauvin intends to do in an attempt to overturn his murder conviction and sentencing in the May 2020 death of George Floyd.

Chauvin alleges Judge Peter Cahill made decisions during the trial that negatively affected the outcome and gave him some of the 14 grounds he plans to use to file an appeal. A few of the reasons cited include alleged prejudicial misconduct, preventing testimony of key witnesses, and disallowing part of the defendant’s defense.

Typically, the trial attorney would file an appeal brief on behalf of their client, but not in this case. The ex-police officer revealed on September 21 he would represent himself through this leg of the judicial process. Considering Mr. Chauvin is currently serving his 22.5-year sentence, he claims to have no income to hire defense counsel.

He requested the Supreme Court reverse an earlier decision denying him a public defender during the appeals process. Once the court makes its ruling, the next step is for Chauvin to move forward with his appeal.

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