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Herschel Walker Campaign Claims Surge in Support Despite Media Attack

Herschel Walker Campaign Claims Surge in Support Despite Media Attack

( – Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s (R) campaign manager said there was a fundraising surge following the claim Walker previously funded an abortion for his ex-girlfriend. An unidentified woman recently approached The Daily Beast to tell them the former football player encouraged her to have an abortion and paid for it years ago. She also produced evidence to back up her claim, but Walker denied the allegations.

Walker has been running on an anti-abortion platform with no exceptions, likening the act to murder. He even threatened to sue the outlet for printing the story.

After his vehement denial, the candidate’s son, Christian Walker, took to Twitter in a rage. The younger Walker, a staunch conservative, said his father was a liar who was only pretending to be a “moral…upright man.” Christian also claimed the elder Walker was violent against his mother, even threatening to kill them.

The congressional candidate responded with a tweet saying he loves his son. Although some thought the abortion accusation would be the end of his political run, several Republicans rallied around the ex-NFL football star. Former President Donald Trump released a statement to show his continued support of the “slandered” politician.

The woman has since identified herself as the mother of one of his children, insisting the former pro ball player is “pro-choice.”

What do you think about the controversy? Do you believe it will affect Walker’s run for Congress?

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