Democratic Senator Ben Cardin To Retire in 2025

Democrat Senator Ben Cardin To Retire in 2025

( – Maryland Democrat Senator Ben Cardin announced his decision on May 1st, 2023, to not seek re-election after his term ends in 2025. He has served in his position in the Senate since 2007, and before that, he was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving Maryland’s 3rd congressional district from 1987 until he was elected to the Senate. In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, the 79-year-old stated, “I enjoy life. There are other things I can do,” also stating that he had been contemplating retiring for quite some time.

While Senator Cardin’s seat will be filled by another Democrat, there will likely be many candidates vying for the opportunity to secure a place in the upper chamber of Congress. The Baltimore Sun listed several potential candidates, including Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, who is in his fourth term in the House of Representatives. Rep. Raskin recently announced that he is in remission from cancer, completing all his treatments for B-cell lymphoma, which was discovered in December 2022. Rep. Raskin released a statement congratulating Senator Cardin on his retirement, applauding his efforts in serving the people of Maryland.

Senator Cardin joins 79-year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein, who will also be retiring at the end of her term in 2025 after serving in the Senate since 1992. Senator Feinstein has been absent from Washington D.C. since early March 2022 when she announced that she had been hospitalized due to contracting shingles and is now working from home while she recovers. It is unclear when she will be making her return to the Capitol, although she has vowed to be back as soon as she is cleared to travel.

The 2024 election cycle will be busy for Senators in the Democrat Party, with 23 seats to be filled. Many have already announced their re-election campaign, with one former Democrat turned Independent, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, potentially looking to retain her seat after switching parties.

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