Democratic Rep. Slammed After Controversial Gas Prices Tweet

Democratic Rep. Slammed After Controversial Gas Prices Tweet

Top Democrat’s Tweet Goes Viral — But Not For The Reason He Hoped

( – When gas prices recently took a slight downward turn, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tweeted what he thought was a zinger about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), hashtagging the post with #GasPricesAreSoLow — and got roasted himself. Although the legislator tried to get other users to post their best jokes and start a hashtag trend, the tweets he received were not exactly what he likely had in mind.

Statistica shows the cost of fuel is falling, but Americans are still paying dearly at the pump. In California, gas is averaging $5.685 per gallon, so people on the platform didn’t seem to find Swalwell’s jest funny at all.

One user got a little hostile, calling the lawmaker “rich folk” and asked if he thought struggling families were a joke.

Others pointed out the prices may have come down a little, but it was only after they shot up by a lot. Eli Yokley posted a graph showing how high gas costs are compared to previous years, and Casey Mattox was trying to wrap her head around the fact the politician was actually serious and not using the hashtag ironically.

Clearly, the public was not impressed with the California legislator’s angle on the matter, with a writer from the Washington Times pointing out drivers are paying “double what they should be.”

What do you think about Swalwell’s antics on Twitter?

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