Democrat Senator Forced From Stage By Protestors

Democrat Senator Forced From Stage By Protestors

( – On November 18, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) attended a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party event to endorse State Representative Connie Bernardy. As she tried to finish her speech, demonstrators in the crowd demanded she “Stop Line 3” from running through the state. Klobuchar fled the stage without addressing the people’s concerns.

Considering the Left’s position on protecting the environment, the Indigenous youth seemed frustrated by the Senator’s dismissive attitude.

The pipeline in question is a source of controversy among the native tribes in the area. Since November 2020, they’ve conducted many protests to stop the expansion through their land. They consider the project akin to violating mother earth. The environmental activists want to protect the area, and conflict has been brewing between them and the government. The Line 3 pipeline brings oil from Canada to Minnesota.

In August, the tribe requested President Joe Biden revoke the pipeline’s permit, but the administration seems to have no intention of stopping the operation. The company working on the construction and repair assured area residents they’re using a technique that keeps the impact on the environment to a minimum.

Clearly, the local tribes don’t believe that to be true. The environmental efforts by the Democratic Party don’t seem to align with the people they represent in this case and it seems Democrats can’t please even those who support their agenda.

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