Democrat Governor Declares State of Emergency As Biden Border Policies Fail Again

( – The Biden administration’s border policies have forced many Democrat mayors and governors across the country to voice their grievances to the federal government. Democrat Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey appealed to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as she declared a state of emergency on August 8. She expressed her desperation in a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, noting the $45 million per month that the state was spending to care for illegal migrants. She listed several reasons why she was declaring a state of emergency, including unaffordable housing, and federal immigration policies, which include work authorizations. She added that the ending of aid programs enacted during the pandemic was also a contributing factor, telling Mayorkas that “The need for action is urgent.”

Healey further elaborated on the federal government’s responsibility to assist the state, writing that her state “has stepped up to address sadly what has been a federal crisis of inaction” over the last several years. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has also asked the federal government to provide more assistance, as his city is offering aid to nearly 57,000 migrants. Shuttered hotels have been reopened to house thousands, and over 190 shelters are at full capacity. Adams has called on the Biden administration to offer migrants Temporary Protected Status so that they can begin working in the city.

Migrant children are being absorbed into the school system in NYC and other cities across the country, which has prompted Mayor Adams to call on the Biden administration once again for help. He encouraged citizens of the city to step up and do their part to assist those in need. The number of illegal migrants crossing into the United States is also on the rise again, with 130,000 apprehensions in the month of July, up 31,000 from June. Massachusetts and NYC could see more busloads of migrants transported by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the near future.

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