Democrat Attends Event Teaching Illegal Aliens to Evade Authorities

( – Texas Democratic Representative Colin Allred is catching heat after one media outlet revealed that he recently attended a controversy-laden event held by the Dallas County Democratic Party. Attendees were given information that included instructions for illegal aliens to avoid being captured by police. The outlet published a photo of the “Know Your Rights Cards,” which were handed out during the event.

The card advised illegal aliens to avoid answering the door for immigration agents, to refuse to answer questions, and to refrain from signing any paperwork without an attorney. Additionally, the card told illegal aliens to ask for permission to leave if they were confronted outside of a home. However, if they were inside, the recommendation was to just present the card to immigration agents underneath the door.

The cards were created by the Legal Resource Center, which is heavily funded by George Soros. His Open Society Foundations have poured millions of dollars into facilitating illegal migration over the last several years. Allred, who is running to unseat Senator Ted Cruz, has voted against nearly every proposal to secure the wide-open southern border. More than 7.6 million illegal migrants have crossed into the United States since Biden became president, mostly through Texas.

Senator Cruz recently blasted Allred for accepting money from donors who were also behind the nationwide anti-Israel protests on college and university campuses. Cruz made clear that those donors are not just funding Biden’s reelection campaign, but they are also “among Colin Allred’s top donors.” Cruz said Allred had received around $80,000 for his campaign. A recent polling average from Decision Desk and The Hill showed Cruz leading Allred by 7.4 percentage points.

The crisis at the southern border has led to the rape, murder, and trafficking of illegal migrants. United States citizens have also died at the hands of illegal migrants, and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have committed suicide at alarming rates. In 2022, 14 CBP agents committed suicide, which is twice the number of suicides in 2020. One media outlet recently interviewed multiple CBP agents who described the horrific encounters they have faced over the last several years, including child rape and discovering decaying human remains.

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