Democrat and Republican Lawmaker Get Into Spat at the Capitol

Democrat and Republican Lawmaker Spat in the Capitol

( – Representative Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., and Representative Thomas Massie, R-Ky., exchanged words in the halls of the Capitol building on March 29th, 2023. Rep. Bowman was seen yelling at a group of reporters, complaining about Republicans who he believes are cowardly for not taking up legislation that restricts certain types of weapons from being owned by American citizens. Massie challenged Bowman as he walked past.

When he approached, Massie asked Bowman if he knew that there haven’t been any shooting as schools that “allow teachers to carry.” However, Bowman was having none of it, steadfastly claiming that more firearms can only cause more death. The two of them attempted to talk over one another for much of the exchange, with Bowman repeating his frustrations about guns and demanding to know if Massie had ever worked in a school, while Massie attempted to repeat his previous point. Rep. Massie asked him to calm down, to which Rep. Bowman responded with more yelling. Eventually, Rep. Massie tried to move toward reporters to discuss his legislation that will protect children by allowing teachers to be armed in schools.

After the altercation, Rep. Bowman wasted no time making a video for his TikTok account, an app that he has recently defended due to concerns about the impact on Americans, and Democrats in particular. Rep. Rep. Massie shared the entire exchange on his Twitter account, saying Bowman refused to listen to the data and solutions he was trying to offer. During the exchange, Rep. Massie asked Rep. Bowman to co-sponsor his legislation to make it easier for schools to set their own rules on guns, but Bowman refused to support it.

Rep. Massie is known disputing claims Democrats have made about guns and some of the more heavily scrutinized accessories.

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